Frequently Asked Questions

1) How far are we going out today?
We are not an ocean charter. We charter the Chesapeake and are within 10 miles of land at anytime. We do travel to the fish, which can be up to 1 hour, but our average run is about 45 minutes.

2) Will we be catching Sharks?
I hope not, operating in the Chesapeake, we are most likely to catch striped bass (also know as rockfish), bluefish, sea trout, flounder, Norfolk spot, croaker, white perch, Spanish mackerel, and black drum.

3) How's the fishing?
Fishing is always good on the Diamond, but sometimes the catching is slow.

4) How long have you been doing this Captain?
Somedays, it's too long. I have been fishing on the bay for more than 10 years.

5) How fast is the boat?
With a 42' boat and a 635hp Cummins diesel  the Diamond has a max speed of 25 knots and we cruise speed of 19knots. 

6) Where's Sparrows Point and other locations we fish?

7) How about bad weather?
The decision to run is made by the captain at the dock. The captain has the right to bring the boat back to port at anytime he feels that the passengers could be in danger. Basically, Reel Diamond is a well built boat which can handle rough seas, but our first priority is your safety and comfort.

8) Do you make up parties or take walk ons?
Sorry, we are not a head boat, we only do groups and we do not mix         parties. Our maximum rating is for six persons and we will run a private guide for 2 or more people.

9) How far ahead to I have to reserve my date?
That depends, our Trophy Rock Fishing customers reserve a year in advance. Saturdays and Sundays are typically our busy days. We can take a reservation as early as the day before but, if you have a limited schedule it is best to let us know asap.  Best bet is to fish Monday through Thursday. Reserve early!

10) What about alcohol?
Beer and wine only, no hard liquor.

11) Can I bring my own tackle, rod and reel?
Sure, but we reserve the right to use it or not. If you have a favorite bottom fishing rod, please bring it and we will rig it.

12) Can we book a half day trip in the morning?
No,  we no longer run half day trips for rock fishing.  Rock fishing can be tough and a half day isn't enough time to get everyone dinner.  We do however do shorter charters for our bottom fishing customers for perch, spot, croaker, etc...

13) We want a boat ride, do we have to fish?
Of course not, we offer many different types of trips including dinner trips to the Eastern Shore. Call us for prices.

14) Can we leave later, 6 am is so early?
You may leave at any time, we must be back at the dock by 1:30 pm for our 2nd trip (that's for the folks who don't like to get up early). We suggest the 6 am trip, because we run to the fish, which could take an 45 minutes or more. We want to get to the fishing ground early for the early bite and before the morning tide change. After you catch your Rockfish you will have time to rest and relax as we proceed to troll or bottom fish for other species. And don't forget the early party misses all the traffic coming early and going home early.


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